HTETHTHEMETH unveils first 2 songs for live concert film ‘Telluric nights’


The Romanian progmetal storytellers of HTETHTHEMETH unveiled a very special release today. Starting now, the band will release a concert film entitled “Telluric Nights” on the LRP YouTube channel in seperate songs. on a bi weekly basis!

The first two songs being: “The Romantic Side Of Paris” and “Honest Lies” are live NOW for you to watch and more will be added every two weeks!

Check out the first two songs here:

However, this release had a few hiccups before becoming a reality. Read the bands’ statement here:

“Since our songs reveal mysteries from a lot of planes of existence, we have always been aware there are entities out there trying to stop our storytelling, or at least be a major hindrance in our efforts. But we never anticipated that the digital realm was also inhabited by those creatures. And as these things usually happen, the mischief was planned and accomplished so perfectly.

Just minutes before the start of the grand finale of our “Telluric Nights” tour, one that we wanted to record as a testament of our vision, our laptop was invaded by malevolent digital audio imps that had only one mission: to completely severe the USB connection to the digital mixer. Thus rendering us unable to properly record the separate audio tracks from the show. We assaulted their positions with every digital weapon at our disposal, but even the mighty “restart all devices” or “try another USB port” failed… The night was partially saved by the imps’ lack of digital mixers knowledge, since we were still able to record the main left/right output directly from the mixer.

We were lucky that the video imps were unable to join forces with their audio brethren, which lead to top notch video material. Giving the matter thorough consideration, we finally understood that those imps were not malevolent towards us, they were servants of honesty. Without any track recordings, we couldn’t enhance or modify our performance in any way, so what you hear is exactly what happened that night. It might not be perfect, but it’s 100% the authentic live material as it was performed and honestly, we are very proud of it! So without further ado, we invite you all to take part in the magic of our “Telluric Nights”!”

Check back on our YouTube channel often to see when new tracks are made available!

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