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31-10-2019 – Promoter(s) wanted!

LRP - Promoter(s) wanted!Our promo department can use some help… And that’s why we need you!

Layered Reality Productions is looking for new promoters to help the label grow in size and reach new audiences.

What do we want from you?

– Full English speaking & writing skills (Speaking/writing Dutch is a pro, but not required)
– Affinity and knowledge of the genres we operate in. (or willingness to get to know the releases and bands in our roster)
– Social media experience (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)
– Available for at least 4 hours a week
– Proper communication skills in writing and verbally
– Available/reachable daily through app/e-mail for quick interactions

What do we expect?

– Proper operation and updates for our social media channels
– Proper promotion through your own profiles and channels (Can also be business related)
– Proactive attitude and willingness to stay on top of label and artist news for involved bands.
– Writing newsposts for the official website, social media and newsletters
– Being able to work with the social media ad systems (or willingness to learn)
– Getting in touch with members of the press and ability to expand your own network as well as the labels’.

What do you get in return?

You will become part of a small, dedicated team of lovely prognerds that work hard to give new bands in the genre a place to call home where they can show their music to the world. Your work will be done in full communication with your colleagues and we are always open to suggestions and improvements. We want this to be productive, but also a fun, enriching (work-)experience in the musical field.

Interested? Get in touch through and we would love to hear from you!

PS: Cat cuddles are optional if asked nicely.

#throwbackthursday – 17-10-2019 – Jelmer Hertog (Unforeseen Motion)

Unforeseen Motion - Serendipity band photo 2019For this months Throwback Thursday we’d like to go back to 2011 to tell you the story of how Layered Reality Productions “adopted” Unforeseen Motion! This all started on a not so lazy Sunday afternoon in Amsterdam where Jelmer, Unforeseen Motion’s front man, had spent the day rehearsing with his old band Grimhorde.

They say practice makes perfect, but one must not forget that practice also makes you hungry. So our front man entered an overcrowded KFC (So classy!) in need of food. With his guitar on his back and his plate full of chicken he was desperately trying to find a place to sit down, and then a voice spoke to him from a corner:

“Long haired metallians, there’s room for you over here!”

Sitting there was Tom de Wit, who he had never met. But metal unites, and so they immediately bonded over their shared love for music. Jelmer had some demos lying around for a new project, and Tom had (and still has!) his studio The Imagineering Suite. One and one is two, so Tom mixed Jelmers demos which were then released by Layered Reality Productions in 2011! So one unforeseen meeting set a lot in motion.

The debut release of Unforeseen Motion is available on streaming services and can be listened to on youtube here:

25-09-2019 – Earupt releases video for Shedding Skin!

Earupt - New LRP bandEarupt has taken the next step in their musical adventure and launched a music video for the song “Shedding Skin” from their album elements.

The video shows the band performing the song together in their energetic and dynamic way. Playing their own brand groovy, technical metal with energy and dedication!

The song is available on the album elements which is available here:

Physical album:

You can find Earupt online at:

23-09-2019 – Dreamwalkers Inc launches new live video

Dreamwalkers Inc - Bandpic 2019Dreamwalkers Inc started the workweek with a bang as they released a live recording of their song Happy Day from their last gig at the parktheater in Alphen aan den Rijn on the 31st of August 2019.

This song is also promising to be the start of something more, but the band is not telling yet. More information will be shared once it’s available!

#dreamwalkersinc #progressivemetal #progressiverock #symphonicmetal #happyday