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08-05-2019 – Unforeseen Motion launches video for their song Tardio!

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It’s been a bit quiet lately on the LRP front but that was because we were busy cooking something up, and we’re very happy that we can finally show you what we’ve been working on. So without further ado, here’s the new Unforeseen Motion video for their song Tardio!

After launching the video for the song ‘Striving for Power’ last month, Tardio follows the course set on that song with even more bombast and technical skill! We’re very proud of our boys in Unforeseen Motion for writing such an amazing and unique song. Unforeseen Motion’s debut album Serendipity is out now on all digital streaming services for those of you who can’t get enough of this instrumental madness.

01-04-2019 – Unforeseen Motion launches debut album and first music video!

Check out the album here:

The instrumental symphonic Metal project Unforeseen Motion has launched their debut album “Serendipity” through online streaming services for the world to hear today! And to celebrate this occasion a playthrough video for the song “Striving for Power” has been released!

This video introduces the bandmembers Jelmer Hertog, Ivar de Wit and Richard Pouw, playing through the song with all its twists and turns. The video serves as an indication of the material that will be featured on this album and for fans of instrumental music that keeps the attention, this is required listening!


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25-02-2019 – Dreamwalkers Inc launches new album First Re-Draft!

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Symphonic, progressive metallers Dreamwalkers Inc have released their new album First Re-Draft today! And to celebrate this occassion, they launched a lyric video for their song “Innerburn” to the Layered Reality Productions youtube channel.

Check it out here:

Like what you hear? Get the album and support the band or share this video around to everyone you know!

Find Dreamwalkers Inc online at:

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2019-02-22 – IDEK. launches new track and lyric video

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Lyric Video:
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The prog/math metallers of IDEK. have released their brand new song “Battered And Blue” today, supported by an intense lyric video!

You can watch the video here:

This song symbolizes a new start for the band as they say goodbye to their old singer Kaya and guitar player John who both are heard on this track for the last time.

The band is now going to focus on writing new material and will work on new songs in the coming months, so stay tuned!

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