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#throwbackthursday – 05-09-2019 – Lennert Kemper (Dreamwalkers Inc)

Lennert Kemper - LRP ExtendedDreamwalkers Inc‘s guitar-wizard Lennert Kemper remembers the debut-gig of their band in 2016 on a very special occasion, in this first edition of #throwbackthursday here at LRP Extended. He had the following to share:

“In October 2016, we played our acoustic live debut with Dreamwalkers Inc at Kasteel de Berckt in Baarlo, the Netherlands, as part of the pre-party of ProgPower Europe 2016.

For me, this was a very special gig, as playing at ProgPower was a top bucketlist item of mine for many years before. It was ultimately my first time visiting the festival. We were lucky enough to get to stay at the festival for free the entire weekend, which most of the Dreamwalkers Inc members did.

The atmosphere that night (and of course the rest of the weekend) was absolutely magical. My girlfriend and I made many new friends (both fellow musicians and fans) from all over the world that weekend. Since then, we’ve been coming back to the festival every year and there’s never a dull moment.

Thank you so much, ProgPower family, for welcoming us into your little paradise!”

Photo provided by Starfountain Design!

02-09-2019 – Belgian groove prog metal band Earupt signs with Layered Reality Productions!

Earupt - New LRP bandAnd if signing one new band wasn’t enough, we can welcome another new band to our musical family! The Belgian groovy progmetal quintet Earupt has signed a deal with Layered Reality Productions!

The band had the following to say about this new collaboration:

“EARUPT truly hopes that working with LRP productions will open some doors that have been closed for a very long time. We know we will not conquer the world, but still we wish to win some like-minded souls and enter some sensitive ears with our groovy music. Sure, we’ve got the heavy guitars and stuff but we have more to offer… So we want to invite everyone out there to explore our world of contagious melodies and hard hitting riffs fueled with alternative and progressive twists.”

Earupts‘ music can be described as a combination of progressive metal, groove metal and a multitude of different genres mixed together to a sound of their own. The bands’ music has a drive that works for the metalheads that like to move, but also has a lot of depth that reveals itself after multiple spins.

The group is in the process of working on many new things which will be unveiled in the coming months. Stay tuned! Their latest album Elements is now available on digital music streaming services worldwide.

#earupt #progressivemetal #groovemetal #belgium #newband

26-08-2019 – Polish progmetal band Xpressive signs with Layered Reality Productions!

XpressivE - Polish Progressive MetalWe are starting the second half of 2019 with great news as the LRP roster has once again expanded! We are happy to announce a collaboration with the band Xpressive that hails from Katowice in Poland.

Xpressive‘s music can be described as a blend of progressive rock & metal with pop, jazz and symphonic influences added in. The band released their album “The Head II” in 2018 marking their English debut record, as the band originally only sang in Polish. This new album brought the band further and was appreciated both by critics and ardent music fans alike!

The band had the following thing to say:

“Signing with Layered Reality Productions has gotten us very excited indeed! We are plotting to meet new audiences and continue to make our own uncompromising music. And of course we hope that we can conquer people’s hearts and minds all over the world!”

The band signed with Layered Reality Productions for future releases and the band is working on new music right now. Stay tuned for more information in the coming months!

#xpressive #progressivemetal #progressiverock #poland #newband

27-05-2019 – TDW and Dreamwalkers Inc celebrate two album anniversaries with special deal!

TDW - Double Anniversary Mega DealIt’s a double party at the TDW & Dreamwalkers Inc HQ as both the albums “Antithetic Affiliation” and “Music To Stand Around And Feel Awkward To” had their anniversaries in the last week!

And to celebrate this occassion, the band is now offering both albums, an EP and a t-shirt for only 30(!!!) euros!

This deal is exclusively available through the Layered Reality Productions store and can get it here:

This deal lasts till the 10th of June, so be sure to grab yourself a copy of these albums for this very low price or miss out!

#dreamwalkersinc #tdw #megaalbumdeal #anniversaries #antitheticaffiliation #musictostandaroundandfeelawkwardto #mtsaafat