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15-01-2021 – TDW releases ‘The Days The Clock Stopped’ in physical form!

TDW album release - reviewsIt has been a long journey indeed, but from today onwards, the new TDW album ‘The Days The Clock Stopped’ is available worldwide in it’s CD/DVD digibook format! The album was released digitally on the 4th of December 2020 but had to be delayed physically due to Covid-19 delaying the album’s production.

It’s finally out now and here’s what Tom had to say about this event:

“Finally, the album is now available to the masses through distro’s worldwide! This album, documentary and everything surrounding it has really been a trip and a half to complete, so I am glad to see that it will now find it’s way to the fans! Next step: getting the vinyl in order, because (as is tradition for this album by now) that also still needs to happen, haha!”

As stated above, the album will also be released on a strictly limited vinyl release which is slated to be released in the first half of 2021!

You can pre-order the vinyl and/or get the album at the following links:

TDW store:
Label store:

Or listen to the album online at:


15-01-2021 – Avandra announces Skylighting Vinyl and starts preorder

Avandra - Vinyl commercialFans of Avandra and progmetal in general may want to pay attention, as the band has announced a limited edition vinyl run for their 2020 album Skylighting! The vinyl will be available in Black (250 pieces), Sea Blue (125 pieces) & Transparent Deep Purple (125 pieces). These will only be available for this specific run so you know what to do!

The tracklist for the album on vinyl will be as follows:

Side A
1: Celestial Wreaths
2: Noetic Probes
3: Life Is Not A Circle, But A Sphere
4: Procgen

Side B
1: Eternal Return
2: Afferent Realms
3: New Origins

The album will be accompanied by a lyrics leaflet with extra artwork, photo’s and more.

Europe / Asian preorders are done here:

Puerto Rican, American & Canadian preorders are done here:

04-12-2020 – TDW releases digital version of ‘The Days The Clock Stopped’!

TDW - The Days The Clock Stopped - CoverartToday is a day for celebration, as the brand new TDW album ‘The Days The Clock Stopped’ is now available on streaming services worldwide!

TDW - The Days The Clock Stopped - Streaming release poster

2020 has been a strange year for everyone, and the impact of this year was felt even harder by TDW mainman Tom, as he explains why the new album is released digitally, but not physically today:

‘‘It’s a wonderful yet also strange day, that’s for sure! As today my most personal record ever sees the light of day on streaming services worldwide. A lot of positive and wonderful things have been said already and it feels equal parts wonderful and scary to share this music with each and everyone of you. Also it feels odd to not release a physical release today, but the powers that be have made us decide to move that to January 2021 due to COVID-19 production delays. Sure, that is frustrating and such, but I try to see it in a positive light, today I can share my album with you guys and those who preordered will get some really amazing packages at home as soon as I can deliver it! More reason to party right?”

The physical CD/DVD digipack version of the album will be released on the 15th of January 2021. People who preordered the album through the official TDW webstore, will get the albums sent to them ASAP when the physical copies arrive at the LRP headquarters. So more news will follow once that happens!

The album can be bought and streamed here:

And if you like to get the physical product and/or get one of the many cool pre-order perks, the album can be pre-ordered until December 25th here:

24-11-2020 – TDW launches music video for ‘The Pulse’

On the road to the release of the new TDW album ‘The Days The Clock Stopped’ a second music video has been release for the song ‘The Pulse’! This video is a rather intense and triggering affair (viewer discretion is adviced)

TDW - The Pulse - Youtube Thumbnail

Here is what Tom had to say regarding this video release:
“This song is one of the heavier and more intense pieces on this album. And that is for a good reason: This song literally describes the night in which I almost lost everything and had a near-death experience due to a surgery that was not executed properly. This is reflected in the way the music twists and turns and the dissonance that takes place.

The concept of this album is a first person experience through my mind and body as I was attacked by a severe bowel disease called Colitis Ulcerosa and what that did to me when I was in the hospital in my early 20s. This song represents one of my lowest points and the darkness that I experienced up close.”

It’s a heavy, frantic ride that shifts it’s dynamics through fastpaced riffs, dissonant breakdowns and multiple vocal styles. This video features the appearances of: Rich Gray (Annihilator, Aeon Zen), Remco Woutersen, Koen ‘Vuurdichter’ Romeijn (Heidevolk, Detonation), Iris van ‘t Veer, Ron Brouwer (Sacrosanct), Laura ten Hoedt (LadyLau, The Civilized), Abraham Sarache, Stan Eimers & Rikke Linssen (Pyrolysis).

With special thanks to Dewar PR for helping with the promotion of this video!

If you like what you hear, be sure to share the video as much as possible, we appreciate it a lot!

You can pre-order the new album until the 4th of December through these links ⬇️
Pre-orders are here:
Label store: