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05-12-2019 – Special December 2019 webstore sale announced!

1 = 3 December sale!Layered Reality Productions presents a very special 1=3 December sale!

Lasting only this month, when you buy 1 product in our webstore (Applies to all products), you will recieve 2 releases as a gift for free! No additional shipping costs! Just some extra Layered Reality goodness!

So if you were already thinking about buying products from the label: Now’s your best chance!

The sale will be going live from the 5th of December 2019 and will last till the 31st of December 2019.

We hope you will all have happy holidays and a great years’ end!

Start shopping now!

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03-12-2019 – Bioplan signs with Layered Reality Productions

Andi Kravljaca - BioplanWe have some great news that we can finally share with you: the Swedish instrumental progmetal project Bioplan signs with Layered Reality Productions!

Bioplan is an instrumental progressive metal project helmed by multi-instrumentalist and singer Andi Kravljaca. (known from Aeon Zen, Nibiru Ordeal and Seventh Wonder among others!) Andi started Bioplan to create an avenue for his instrumental work and combines his love for technical metal guitarwork with epic melodies and a big dose of 80’s synthwave soundscapes.

The debut EP `Ocular` was released to streaming services in April of 2019 and was recieved with praise from the international press and made many a fan within the metal-guitar community as

well as among those who like their music progressive, melodic and spacey.

You can listen to Ocular here:

Apple Music:

A new release for Bioplan is in the works which will take the project to the next level and all parties involved are very excited about this indeed!

You can find and follow Bioplan online here:

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25-11-2019 – Earupt launches video for Broken Wings!

Earupt - New LRP bandAfter releasing their a video for their first single ‘Shedding Skin’ a few months ago, the groovy progressive metal band Earupt is now back with a brand new video of their 2nd album Elements!

The video is called ‘Broken Wings’ and was shot at a live performance at the JC Comma in Brugge. This song has a more atmospheric approach and shows the more experimental side of Earupt!

The song is available on the album elements which is available here:

Physical album:

If you want to see the video for ‘Shedding Skin’, you can watch that here:

You can find Earupt online at:

20-11-2019 – TDW launches new collaboration video entitled Transmission

TDW feat Abraham Sarache - TransmissionWhat do you get when a Venezuelan progmetal musician who plays the Cuatro, combines his talents with a progmetal composer and singer from The Netherlands? A collaboration that ends in a crushing song with interesting hooks that’s called “Transmission”!

In this song, Venezuelan-born, Dutch-based artist Abraham Sarache and Tom TDW de Wit (TDW & Dreamwalkers Inc) combine their musical styles and create something unique that is both progressive as well as thematically haunting. The song Transmission deals with the miscommunication between people and how rifts between people can cause them to drift apart indefinitely.

You can watch the video for the song on youtube. Enjoy!

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