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20-09-2021 – White Stag signs deal with Layered Reality Productions!

White Stag signs with Layered Reality ProductionsAn angry marriage between Jethro Tull, Between The Buried And Me & Vandergraaf Generator… That is how the avant-garde stylings of White Stag can be described and yet that still does not cover the complete spectrum this act seems to cover!

White Stag is primarily the solo project of Richi Worboys who uses this project as his outlet to create surreal musical worlds. Layered Reality Productions signed White Stag based on the compositional strengths of the album “Emergence” and will be releasing a brand new digital single & video on the 1st of October with an album following in the near future!

Richi had the following to say about the signing:

“White Stag is the result of lifelong experimentalism, and the forthcoming era we’re preparing to embark into will be the full culmination of all of this. The upcoming new single will only be the precursor to this journey, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it.”

Curious about what White Stag sounds like? Check out the album Emergence here:

And be sure to follow White Stag on the socials here and be prepared for the new single coming on the 1st of October!

30-08-2021 – TDW launches first single, video and preorder for new album!

TDW promopicture Aug 2021Like releasing one double album in a year is not enough, Symphonic, progmetal act TDW returns with a brand new song called ‘Gratitude Song’ that is a part of a new album. This song is the first single which is now available with a music video on youtube. And with this song, TDW might have something of a ‘first-time’ as it’s not often that over 60+ people are credited in a song and it makes sense musically.

When asked about this single, TDW’s main man Tom said the following:

‘Gratitude Song especially represent my feelings regarding the current state of the music industry rather well. It’s a song that thanks everyone who has been immensely supportive in making my last album the thing it has become, but also serves as an observation on how certain artists (not naming names but we all know them) are just completely disregarding their fans… I think it’s very special when someone wants to support my music in a way like this and this song is my way to at least acknowledge everyone who did in 2020.’

This song is a part of the brand new album called ‘Fountains’ that is slated for release on the 26th of November 2021. This album was produced by Tom, mastered by Rich Gray and the artwork was provided by Janneke Stam. The full musician line-up for this record will be revealed over the course of the coming weeks/months leading up to the release of the album.

The ‘Fountains’ album features the following tracklist:

1: Fountains
2: Inner Enemy
3: Hope Song I
4: Gratitude Song
5: Hunter’s Eyes
6: Anthracite
7: Another Choice Another Universe
8: Graveyard Boogie
9: Traveller
10: Hope Song II

(Some tracks differ per medium as the vinyl version omits the Gratitude Song which is on the CD and digital versions.)

This album is once again accompanied by a preorder campaign which has gone live today at both the TDW website and the LRP webstore. Plans are to release this album as a package with vinyl, CD and downloadcodes included alongside lyric sheets and more depending on the amount being pledged.

Preorders are happening here at the TDW webstore:

25-08-2021 – Aeon Zen releases brand new music video!

Aeon Zen signs with LRPThe hype is real, as Aeon Zen has released their music video for the first part of their new release Transversal to the masses today! This 4 minute prog experience gives a glimpse into the musical world that is found on this release!

And the best part is… This is just the beginning! Because on the 24th of September 2021, the complete 30+(!) minute song will be available as a music video on youtube as well to celebrate this albums release and Aeon Zen’s career.

When asked about this video, Rich had the following to say:

“Transversal is the most ambitious album we’ve made and the video definitely mirrors that. Telling the Aeon Zen saga is no mean feat and the video for I: Twilight is just the beginning. Closer to the album release date we will also be debuting a music video for the entire album. As you can see, this first part shows themes from our debut album, and subsequent tracks will continue that idea through Aeon Zen’s entire history, echoing the concept of the music on the album.”

Like what you hear? (Pre)order the album today and get this release (and other merch) in before the release!

UK/World store:
EU/World store:

12-07-2021 – Threads of Fate signs with Layered Reality Productions!

Threads of FateFor immediate release: Threads of Fate signs with Layered Reality Productions!

American symphonic, cinematic, progmetal band Threads of Fate has inked a deal with Layered Reality Productions, becoming a part of our ever growing musical family!

The band featuring Jon Pyres, Vikram Shankar & Jack Kosto already left an impression with the release of their 2018 EP ‘Funeral For the Virtuous’ taking cues from known Symphonic Metal bands but giving it a sound of its own, throwing in doom atmospheres, progressive sidesteps and more. With the next release, the band will be expanding their sound further!

Jon had the following to say about the signing:

“We are very excited to be teaming up with the guys in Layered Reality for the release of our debut album. Working with these guys has been a breath of fresh air – it’s wonderful to team up with a label who understands artistic expression and creativity the way we do, and we can’t wait to share all the new music we’ve been working on.”

Be sure to follow Threads of Fate on the social media on these links and stay tuned for more news coming soon!