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19-01-2021 – Apeiron Bound signs with Layered Reality Productions

Apeiron Bound bandpic 2022For immediate release: Apeiron Bound signs a deal with Layered Reality Productions

Coming from the United States, Apeiron Bound is a brand new progressive metal band that combines hard hitting extreme metal sounds with many different influences from classical, avant-garde and progressive rock. Featuring members from bands like The Mourning, Disareyen, Alpha Decay & Archangel, who all bring their own flavor to this mix.

Andrew Stout, the band’s main composer had the following to say about joining LRP:

‘We are honored to be given the opportunity to work with a record label that not only house amazing musicians but one that’s ran by like minded musicians that understand the everlasting struggles of paving our own way in the music world. Especially when you want to unleash your creativity on your own terms.’

Creating a sound that sounds like the middle ground between Devin Townsend, Blind Guardian, Opeth, Nevermore & Queen, Apeiron Bound has sound hallmarks you might recognize, but creates a total package that sounds fresh and new.

More news about Apeiron Bound’s debut album and everything around that will be revealed in the coming months!

Check out the band on these links:

20-12-2021 – TDW releases crazy new music video for third single!

TDW promopicture Aug 2021Fans of progressive rock/metal and crazy music videos filled with weird ideas can rejoice, as TDW launched the third music video for the song ‘Another Choice Another Universe’ today on youtube!

Check out the video here:

Youtube link:

Tom said the following about the idea behind this video:

“This song was inspired by TDW fan Jim Wilkinson who wanted me to write a song about paralel universes and how every choice we make can lead to a completely new world of it’s own. I decided to take that premise and imagine a paralel universe in which I would be a weird animated lion cartoon character flying around my hometown of Amersfoort, singing about the many possibilities that paralel universes can bring. I wanted this video to be just as crazy as the premise and I think I succeeded, haha!”

The song is taken from the album Fountains that is out now on digital & streaming services worldwide. Physical copies of the Fountains Vinyl/CD package will be sent out to presellers and new orders as soon as the vinyl has arrived at the label HQ.

Check out ‘Fountains’ here ↓

Added to this is that the physical Vinyl & CD package is now available in both the TDW webshop as well as the Layered Reality webstore.

TDW Webstore:

LRP webstore:

17-12-2021 – Threads of Fate releases second single!

Threads of Fate Love Held Hands With Hatred SingleLovers of dark, dramatic metal music may rejoice, as Symphonic metal outfit Threads of Fate has launched their second single today!

The visualizer video for this song will go live today on the layered reality youtube page at 20:00(GMT+1) and 2pm(EST)!

‘Love Held Hands With Hatred’ is the second offering from the bands’ upcoming debut album ‘The Cold Embrace Of The Light’ that packs a melodic and emotional punch that will leave an impression. The bands first single released on the 31st of October showed the bands’ moody side, while this song firmly taps into the aggression and rage that fuels this music as well. The debut album is slated for release on the 11th of March 2022.

The album’s pre-order campaign is happening right now and pre-ordering it will help the band directly in making this massive digibook CD release possible!

Listen to the song on streaming services here ↓

Preorder the album today ↓

Check out Threads of Fate online here:

26-11-2021 – TDW releases new album Fountains to streaming & bandcamp!

TDW - FountainsThe new TDW album Fountains is now available on all major streaming platforms for everyone to hear! Fountains is an album that fits neatly into the TDW musical canon yet also has a distinct identity of it’s own.

Tom had the following to say about the release:
“It feels great and weird at the same time to release this album to the world, because at the start of this year I never thought this would become as big a thing as it has become. I originally set out to write ‘a bunch of songs for the fans’ and I ended up with a complete album which was produced in 6 months total. And it’s on vinyl as well! Which means I launched two vinyl records in one year! IN-SANE! I can not overstate how grateful I am for all this!”

Next to that, reviews for the album have been glowing so far and we cannot wait to get more in!

Listen to ‘Fountains’ here ↓

Added to this is that the physical Vinyl & CD package is now available in both the TDW webshop as well as the Layered Reality webstore.

TDW Webstore:

LRP webstore:

Please bare in mind that due to the global vinyl shortage,the delivery of this package will take some time, but we will shipout the packages as soon as we have the materials here.