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24-11-2023 – Dreamwalkers Inc release their new album to the world! (And faces some hiccups)

Dreamwalkers Inc - The First Tragedy Of Klahera

It’s the 24th of November and that means the new concept album by Dutch progmetal storytellers Dreamwalkers Inc is out! The record entitled ‘The First Tragedy Of Klahera’ is now available on CD and digitally on Bandcamp and the bands’ website!

And coinciding with today’s release date, the band will launch an album length lyric video tonight (20:00 GMT+1 time) through the Layered Reality Productions YouTube channel which you can watch through the link below:

Dreamwalkers Inc - The First Tragedy Of Klahera - Lyric Video Thumbnail

The band’s singer and frontman Tom de Wit had the following to say about this release day:

“It’s been a ridiculous ride to finally arrive at this day and to see our album take flight into the music world. I don’t think any of us had anticipated the journey and adventures that this album has taken us on and I am beyond grateful and immensely proud of what we as a band have made of this album. This is only the first part of a multi-part concept and I feel that this is the start of something very beautiful indeed!”

It is not all celebratory however, as due to an unfortunate technical turn of events the album is not yet available on streaming services and both the band and ourselves (LRP) are waiting for the album to become available on those places.

And of course, as soon as we have the links to these streaming variants of the album, we will share them. So stay tuned for those! The rest however, will go as planned, so we hope to see you tonight at the premiere of the album length lyric video for “The First Tragedy Of Klahera” on our YouTube channel!

Join our watch party here:

Also, you can check out two music videos by the band through the links below

31-10-2023 – Dreamwalkers Inc releases new single Despicable!

“𝕴’𝖑𝖑 𝖇𝖊 𝕯𝖊𝖘𝖕𝖎𝖈𝖆𝖇𝖑𝖊!”

On this halloween night, we are unleashing Dreamwalkers Inc‘s second single unto the world! Despicable is a progressive metal song that pushes the boundaries of everything the band did so far to 11. From jazzy sections to djent metal riffs to choir vocals, it’s all in here.

Listen to the song here ⬇️
Apple Music:

Join the album crowdfunding campaign here ↓

The song details the backstory of the villain Sonfred, who is one of the main antagonists in the upcoming concept album “The First Tragedy of Klahera” that is slated for release on the 24th of November 2023 through Layered Reality Productions!

The band’s crowdfunding project is still going strong and has already reached the CD and T-shirt tiers, but the band is keeping it going until the release of the album to see if the double vinyl tier can be achieved as well!

Check out the crowdfunding campaign and all other links at the bands website here:

27-10-2023 – Ramage Inc’s new album ‘Humanity Has Failed’ is out NOW!

Scottish epic progmetallers Ramage Inc have unleashed their new album ‘Humanity Has Failed’ onto the world today and you can listen to it now on streaming services worldwide!

Listen to the album on streaming services here ↓


The first reviews have come in and they speak volumes:

‘…The songs are thought provoking and and the musicianship is exemplary… This album I like!’
Keith Bryant – Powerplay Magazine

‘…This album is substantial. There are no holds barred. This album is complex and weighty … Without doubt this 79 minute work is inventive, expressive and impressive, and captures the musical hardness and flamboyance which identify Ramage Inc.’
Andrew Doherty – Ave Noctum

Icymi: Ramage Inc released two music videos to promote the record so far, which you can find below!

Find Ramage Inc on the socials here:

14-10-2023 – Ramage Inc releases new single & music video Barriers

Ramage Inc has released their new single “Barriers” from their upcoming album “Humanity Has Failed” to online music streaming services today!

Listen to the song on streaming services here ↓


And coinciding with this release, the band also released a new video on YouTube which you can find below:

Following the onslaught of the first single “Nothing To Fear” released in June, “Barriers” brings a more nuanced sound to that is still very heavy but also intricate. The trademark intensity of Ramage Inc shines
throughout, but is accented with dynamic shifts that represent the breadth of the upcoming album’s sound.

“Barriers” delves into the struggle with harsh realities, painting a portrait of a world marred by indifference and disillusionment. The lyrics tell the story of someone who has built many emotional walls/defensive barriers as a result of past and present trauma (“we are all products of our surroundings”), grappling with paranoia and disdain for humanity. Their quest to break free from destructive defensiveness is hampered by a bleak view of the world

‘Humanity Has Failed’ is coming to streaming services and in physical format on the 27th of October 2023 through Layered Reality Productions.