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16-06-2020 – TDW launches intense new music video about mental health struggles

A brand new song and music video by TDW has been released to the public! The song is called Disconnected and features a collaboration between TDW and Belgian singer Sara Vanderheyden (Who is a part of Cathubodua). The idea behind the song was to create a work of audio and video that represents the mental struggles people can go through who either suffer from mental illness or from neuron-based dysfunctions like migraines and cluster headaches.

The video can be viewed here:

Besides working on a brand new TDW solo album that is slated for release in early 2021, new music is seperately being launched through the TDW Music and Visions Youtube channel where this song was also shared on.

Tom had the following to say about this:

“…Besides my ‘regular’ releases with TDW on CD/digital services in album format, the youtube channel gives me a sort of playground in which I can do whatever creative thing I want to do without any limits. Also I like the honesty of how youtube works. If something works, it gets shared around, if not then you will get your dislikes. It’s a very clear system which I am quite comfortable with.

However I would never stop creating albums, because the long-form album format is way too dear to me. But this way I can use the albums for cohesive story-driven experiences and use the youtube channel as a happy playground!”

The new TDW album is being produced as we speak and has been somewhat delayed due to Covid-19 matters. The album is planned for release in late 2020 or early 2021. More info will follow when it is available.

29-05-2020 – Bioplan releases debut album & music video for Perspex Cassidy!

Bioplan - Epipath & OCular - 80s nostalgia box versionFans of progressive metal, shredding guitar and 80s nostalgia can rejoice! As today, Bioplan‘s debut album “Epipath & Ocular” is now officially released!

And to celebrate this release, a music video for the song Perspex Cassidy has been launched on youtube! And as you all can see, this video is just grape! 😉 Directed and produced by Tom TDW de Wit together with Andi Kravljaca.

The album Epipath & Ocular is now available to order through Layered Reality Productions worldwide on both the official store and bandcamp and available on streaming services!

Get Epipath & Ocular here ⬇️
LRP webstore:

Hope you all like this video and feel free to share it!

22-05-2020 – Dreamwalkers Inc launches livealbum & FREE concert video!

Dreamwalkers Inc - A Night At The TheatreFans of progressive metal and live concerts can rejoice today, as Dreamwalkers Inc has launched their live album “A Night at the Theater” for the world to hear!

And to celebrate this CD release, the band will launch a full concert film (1 hour and 20 minutes worth of free music!) on the Layered Reality YouTube page tonight at 20:00 (CET).
This will be accompanied by a livechat with the bandmembers, so it’s going to be good fun indeed!

You can watch the film and/or set a reminder by clicking the thumbnail:

Dreamwalkers Inc - A Night at the Theatre - Thumbnail

The album is now available on CD and digital formats worldwide through the Layered Reality Productions webstore and the label’s bandcamp page!

NL/EURO Store:

Due to COVID 19 also hitting digital distributors, the album is not yet available on streaming services, but it will be asap. Updates on that will be given when they are available.

Enjoy your friday and we hope to see you all tonight!

01-05-2020 – Bioplan releases Epipath on streaming services and launches new EP trailer!

Bioplan - Epipath EP CoverFans of 80s nostalgia and heavy guitar driven shredding can rejoice as Bioplan’s new EP Epipath is now live on streaming services and available for sale through Bandcamp! And to give a proper overview of the contents of this release, an EP trailer was launched today:

Epipath can be streamed and/or bought through the linkshere ⬇️
Digital download:

Of course the physical release of Epipath which also features the EP Ocular is coming at the end of this month and

This physical package can be bought through these links:

Bandcamp Pre-order:
LRP webstore pre-order:

We are beyond excited to get this release to you and we are looking forward to the reviews!

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