Founded in 2011, Layered Reality Productions is a non-profit music label that focuses on Progressive, Symphonic and Avant-Garde Metal. The main goal for LRP is to provide artists and bands with services which enable them to fully unleash their musical potential without any limitations or creative obstructions. The non-profit approach is different from traditional labels. This is based on the idea that the bands/artists who are a part of LRP make use of the offered services, while retaining full creative and financial control. The bands/artists only pay a small amount of money to keep the label running smoothly and having control over (almost all of) the profits themselves. This way the label can remain stable and also offer new chances for current and new participants alike!

Originally started as a basic outlet to independently release music by solo artist Tom TDW de Wit, the label quickly grew to become a staple in the international progressive music scene, boasting bigger and smaller acts that span the progressive spectrum. Every artist/band that joins this label is treated as their own autonomous entity and the label’s goal is to expand the bands’ reach and scope

The people at LRP


Name: Tom de Wit
E-mail: tom (at)
Function: Founder/Director
Current fave bands: Between The Buried And Me, Protest The Hero, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Pain of Salvation and much more
Genres of choice: Progressive metal, Progressive Rock, Avantgarde Metal
One thing you can’t do without: Writing/creating
One thing you can do without: Poor communication / A lack of self-reflection

Name: Lauren Holly
E-mail: lauren (at)
Function: PR, Promotion & social media
Current fave bands: At The Gates, A Pale Horse Named Death, Beast In Black, Calabrese, Paradise Lost and many more
Genres of choice: Goth Metal, Power Metal, Horrorpunk, Doom, Sludge, Prog
One thing you can’t do without: Cheese
One thing you can do without: Gatekeeping Edgelords

Name: Rowan Tepper
E-mail: rowan (at)
Function: PR, Promotion & Social Media
Current fave bands: Ostura, Ayreon, Riverwood, Hteththemeth, Ainur, Anathema, Manes, Ulver, Anthropia
Genres of choice: Progressive Metal, Symphonic Metal, Avant-Garde Metal, Albums That Tell A Story
One thing you can’t do without: My little cat named Rat (one day I’ll get her a pet rat named Cat)
One thing can can do without: Closed-minded people

Name: Dennis Eikenkötter
E-mail: eikenkoetterbiz (at)
Function: Assistant PR
Current fave bands: Wytch Hazel, The Hawkins, Spirit Adrift, Flotsam and Jetsam, Heathen
Genres of choice: Prog, Doom, Thrash
One thing you can’t do without: Music
One thing can can do without: the current state of things globally