18-11-2022 – Avandra releases new album Prodigal worldwide!

It’s finally here! Avandra‘s new album Prodigal is now available worldwide on CD and through streaming services!

The new intense concept album based around war and it’s ever lasting impact on the world, features intense metal moments combined with the familiar melodic and melancholic sensibilities the band is known for!

Check out the album here:

CD (USA): https://avandrapr.com/shop/
CD (EU/World): https://www.layered-reality.com/product/avandra-prodigal/

Bandcamp: https://avandra.bandcamp.com/album/prodigal
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/6xJ9vvsz2uFZBkX3uHvMvO?si=ebc6B2xBQ8a9yUInDVC6cQ
Apple: https://music.apple.com/us/album/prodigal/1654942085

Multiple reviewers already talked about this album, saying the following:

“Avandra has done something few bands are willing to try, and even fewer are capable of pulling off… This is a major accomplishment, both as a story and as a musical piece. The range and depth of emotion on display are astounding. The tones, tempo, time signature shifts, and phrasing variations are complex and captivating.”
Kevin Lewis – Metal Zenith

“Prodigal is one of those intricate and influential albums that takes some understanding at first but when you peel back the final layer of this epic behemoth, it is a wonder to behold.”
Martin Hutchinson – Progradar

“This is a mature effort, with every note placed with thoughtfulness and consideration. It’s past time to start talking about AVANDRA as one of the heavy-hitters in Progressive Metal.”
Dave Campbell – Metal Temple

So, if you like what you read and hear here, be sure to order the album today!

Find Avandra online at: