Avandra – Prodigal


The album ‘Prodigal’ in CD digipack format.



Release-date: 18-11-2022
Produced By: Christian Ayala at Survivalism Studios
Mastered By: Dan Schwarz

Product Description:
The album ‘Prodigal’ in CD digipack format.

1: Codename:Pharaoh
2: The Downpour
3: New Beginnings
4: A Trace of Home
5: In Träumen
6: In Memoriam
7: Facing An Armored Dreadnought
8: Dissembling The Artifice
9: The Earth Inside
10: Daybreak

Christian Ayala Cruz – Vocals, Guitars
Luis Javier Rivera – Guitars
José Miguel Vázquez – Bass
Adrián Arroyo – Drums
Valery Velázquez – Live Vocals

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