28-03-2022 – Iris Divine launches album teaser for Mercurial!

Iris Divine - progmetal from the USA - Promopic 1After an incredible start with their kickstarter campaign (reaching their goal in less then 2 weeks!) the heavy grooving progmetal dudes from Iris Divine have now shared an album teaser to YouTube and the socials.

Check out the teaser here:

And if you want to contribute to the Kickstarter for this album, check out the link here:

The band’s main writer, singer and guitarist Navid Rashid had the following to say about this album:

“We are excited to share quick snapshot of the vibe of the new album with everything from four-on-the-floor grooves to the proggy riffy stuff. We wanted this album to have a good balance of melody and aggression, and as you can tell, a pretty high-energy vibe throughout. As we’ve been saying, this record was about reconnecting as a power trio and focusing on that aspect, and hopefully that fun comes through!”

More material from the band including music videos and more will follow soon!

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