03-02-2021 – Dreamwalkers Inc starts 2021 with a new version of their song Aphrodisia

Dreamwalkers Inc has taken to both youtube and facebook to launch a new Covid-approved 2021 version of their well loved song Aphrodisia today!

Check out the video on youtube here:
Dreamwalkers Inc - Aphrodisia 2021 Version

The band had been silent for a while with mainman Tom focussing on the release of his latest TDW solo album, but with this video the band wants to show the world that they have not been sitting around doing nothing. This video properly introduces the new bandmembers Bjorn van der Ploeg (bass) and Sander van Elferen (drums) to the world who both show their skills in a dynamic way. This video showcases the band having fun playing a song they played many times already, but in a new and improved form that showcases the bands new direction.

The band is now working on new material for a brand new album that is slated for 2022 and will give updates on their social pages when progress for this record is made. So be sure to follow the band to stay on top of that!