13-11-2018 – Introducing our brand new team members!

As you may have seen recently, LRP was looking for new staff. And after an intense search, our wishes have been granted in the form of not just 1, but 3 new staff members!

We’re super excited to introduce them to you all, but first we want to thank our previous members Jordi, Mayra & Michelle for their efforts at LRP regarding social media and communications. We couldn’t have done it without you guys!

So let’s get this introduction going! First off, we want you to meet Carianne Geldhoff, our new PR manager. She’s gonna be the one that will handle all things regarding public relations, such as contacting websites and venues.

One of our other new staff members is Benjamin Gutierrez Navarrete. He will be our new Social Media Coordinator and PR-person and will create and publish all content related to and in name of LRP, such as the posts on social media, press documents, the official website updates and the subscription e-mail newsletter.

And last but not least we have Sam Temme, our new A&R and marketing guy! Sam is not only going to be on the lookout for new talent to join LRP, he will also ensure that LRP will continue to grow as a business by taking care of all things marketing.

So with all these new awesome additions to our team we’re really looking forward to what the future will bring us and the artists and bands we work with. Stay tuned!

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