14-04-2014 – TDW unveils release-date, guest musicians and artwork for new album

Music To Stand Around And Feel Awkward To - Front Cover ArtworkAfter announcing the albumtitle and tracklist a while ago, this monday morning we have now finally gotten information regarding the upcoming TDW album called “Music To Stand Around And Feel Awkward To”! The official TDW website has gotten a slight redecoration and a big newspost regarding the record’s details. Here’s a few excerpts from this newspost:

“…First of all, let’s get to the most important and direct thing people were waiting for. The album release-date will be: 20-05-2014

On that day you can download the digital version of the album (which counts 8 songs) for FREE from www.TDWmusic.com! And no, you won’t have to sign-up for anything or join any special mailinglists or whatever. Just download it and enjoy the music!

However, this is not all! Because on the same day, there will also be a STRICTLY LIMITED physical edition release of this album. This physical version will feature 11 tracks (3 exclusive album songs added in) and the album’s artwork in a 7” hand-numbered cover with a booklet including lyrics, liner notes and lush imagery. (and there might also be some surprises here or there!) So if you like the album and want to support my musical endeavors you can actually get your hands on something quite unique as there will be only 300 copies!

And next to the releasedate, I can also unveil the album cover to all of you! This cover is designed by Maarten Gunsing who has also been responsible for the character artwork on Scrapbook…

…And finally, now that everything is done I can unveil the guest musicians to all of you and I am very happy with the diverse list it has become. So here it is:

The guest musicians on “Music To Stand Around And Feel Awkward To”:
Laura ten Voorde (Adeia) – Backing Vocals, Grunts, Violin Solos on #1 & #6/7*
Sander Stegeman (Sense Vs Sanity, Disintegrate) – Backing Vocals, Grunts, Guitar Solo on #6/7*
Rosita de Vries (Ex-Carthago, Ex-Amberlinn) – Lead Vocals on #6/7*, Backing Vocals
Elvya Dulcimer (Solo-Artist) – Dulcimer Solo on #1
Lennert Kemper (ReSolve) – Guitar Solos on #1, #4+, #8/11*
Sybren Boonstra (Dimaeon) – Guitar Solo on #3
Michiel van der Werff (Weltschmerz) – Guitar Solo on #4/5*
Norbert Veenbrink (Mindshade) – Guitar Solo on #4/5*
Hanna van Gorcum (AmmA) – Violin Solo on #5/6*
Tristan Visser (Majesty) – Guitar Solos on #8+
Maarten Gunsing (Animal Me) – All Sorts Of Vocals on #8+
Joop de Rooij (Ex-Magion, Ex-Galanor) – Synth Solo on #7/#10*
Frank Schiphorst (MaYaN) – Guitar Solos on #7/#10*
Ben van Gastel (Sylvium) – Guitar Soundscapes on #8/#11*

* = Physical album track-order
+ = Physical album exclusive track


And for those who don’t like reading too much, there is a also a lengthy, informative yet silly newsvideo that details about the album and all the contributing members! You can check that video below:

For more information regarding TDW, you can visit http://www.tdwmusic.com and/or http://www.facebook.com/tdwmusic.