23-01-2013 – Adeia joins Layered Reality Productions!

Adeia - Promotional Picture 2012For immediate release: Layered Reality Productions has signed Adeia!

Adeia is a Progressive Avant-Garde Metal band from the Rotterdam Area. The music of Adeia can be described as Progressive Metal interspersed with Classical, Avant-Garde and Dark overtones.

The band consists of 7(!) members including a fulltime violin player and a cello player. This gives Adeia’s music a distinctly unique color and feel. The band released their debut-album in 2012 called Hourglass. This album can be described as an intense musical ride that takes the listener from quiet classical moments to intense metallic workouts and back again.

Prominent features on this album are of course the violin and cello which offer both the serenity and insanity to this music. However it is the interplay of these instruments with the guitars, bass, drums and keys that makes Adeia a unique experience. Added to this are the multiple vocal styles on offer such as clean vocals, harmonies & grunts that flesh out the already intricately arranged musical pieces.

At this point, Adeia is searching for a new vocalist as the former vocalist has left the ranks of the band last year. When a new vocalist and frontman has been found, the band will start preparing for live gigs and will also be working on their second album!

Adeia‘s debut-album Hourglass will be re-released through Layered Reality Productions somewhere in the coming months. A release-date will be announced on the official Layered Reality Productions website when it is available. In the meantime you can take a look at the Adeia page on the LRP website for more information, or you can check the links below.