16-07-2012 – Dimaeon unveils news about the debut-album!

The Doom/Death meisters from Dimaeon have shared new album info with the LRP news crew. Singer Ferdinand takes the mic and tells us about it:

“…We have finished the writing process for the first Dimaeon album. All the songs are done now and the demo’s already sound very heavy and promising!

The album will be featuring 9 songs which will together fill over an hour’s worth of music. Most people have probably heard the song Blood Of Millions on our Exit Reality EP, Youtube or at live shows. This song will be a part of the new album. This record will basically be our “Soundtrack to The apocalypse” and it will feature all the Dimaeon influences that we are known for.

The studio has been booked and Danny will start recording drums on the 20th of July which is of course very exciting! After that the band will start recording all the other parts as well…”

Dimaeon’s debut album will be released through Layered Reality Productions at the end of this year or at the beginning of 2013. More information about the album will be given once it is available!