11-04-2011 – Updates on Insidiae and TDW record releases

Both Insidiae and TDW are working on recording new material for release soon!


Insidiae is taking part in a vinyl long player recording called “Frysian Metal Massacre” soon and they will be taking this opportunity to release 2 new tracks unto the world. The 2 tracks for this LP are titled: Skinnerbox & Major Arcana and these will be recorded exclusively for this record, so be sure to get your hands on this LP cause the pressing will be limited!

If you are willing to support this initiative (Not just for Insidiae, but for all bands involved) come down to the special gig at Kiehool in Bergum on 07-05-2011 to see the participating bands in action on stage! All ticket-sales made for that evening will be used to support this record’s production so be sure to give your support if you can!

More information about this release will follow when it is available.


TDW will also be releasing a new record in the near future! The record will be a special release caled First Re-Draft. The record will be a remake of the first TDW record First Draft, featuring re-visioned and re-recorded versions of songs from the first record. The CD will be released through the new TDW website portal named “The Dreamwalkers Realm”.

To gain access to this part of the site, you can buy a membership at the Layered Reality Webstore. Plans are to make the membership a small yearly fee to keep everything running smoothly in terms of website usage. Prices and details will be anounced when the record is done and delivered.

The tracklisting for First Re-Draft is the following:
1: Endless
2: Mourning After
3: Happy Day
4: Innerburn
5: Dreamwalk (Instrumental)
6: Overture/Prologue (Instrumental)
7: New Strength
8: Your Room
9: My Loss
10: Epilogue (Instrumental)

Coverart and more details about the record will follow in the near future!