Mind:Soul – The Way It Should Be


CD in jewel case with full color booklet and traycard.



Release-date: 11-12-2013
Running Time: 66:29
Music by: Mind:Soul (Differs per song)
Lyrics by: T. de Wit
Produced By: Tom de Wit @ The Imagineering Suite (www.thesuite.nl)
Mastered By: Raul Tamas at Prime Studio (www.studiorecording.ro)

Product Description:
CD in jewel case with full color booklet and traycard.

1: Breakpoint Hour
2: Novae
3: Sequence #1 (Post-Utopian)
4: Pillow Talk
5: Drown Together
6: Caught (In The Pressure Cooker)
7: Sequence #2 (Post-Dystopian)
8: I Tried To Help
9: Over
10: Sequence #3 (Embrace Of Liberation)
11: Forever
12: Sequence #4 (Mind Reset)
13: One Night Alone

Roland le Fèvre – Piano & Synths
Jim O.S. Ilden – Guitars
Joey Klerkx – Bass Guitars & Vocals
Stefan van Leeuwenstijn – Guitars
Raul Tamas – Drums
Tom de Wit – Vocals, Guitars, Synths, Orchestrations

Review excerpts:
“The Way it Should Be is a rare thing recently, an album that has truly taken us back to what can be considered classic progressive metal, the musicianship is first rate, the whole concept of the album and the song writing works very well and (this is a rare occurrence nowadays) it is an album that you will want to play from start to finish then go back to the beginning again just so you can enjoy the whole experience one more time. As debut albums go, an impressive one, I for one, will be keeping a close eye on these guys from now on.”
Ladyobscure.com (4 out of 5 stars)

“Niet alleen beheersen de muzikanten op deze CD hun instrument, ook de geluidskwaliteit en de mix van de muziek zijn zeer puik werk. Iets wat in het algemeen nog wat vaker mag terugkomen is wat mij betreft de samenzang, maar overal is ‘The Way It Should Be’ een perfect kerstcadeau voor de proggers onder ons. De CD is erg divers en voert je mee van System of a Down en Soilwork, naar Phil Collins en Safro Duo.”
metalfromnl.nl (90 out of 100)

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