Dimaeon – Collapse Of The Anthropocene


CD in jewel case with full color booklet



Release-date: 09-11-2013
Running Time: 71:54
Music by: Dimaeon
Lyrics by: F Wanders/R. Breidenbach
Produced By: Dimaeon
Mixed & Mastered By: Mendel Bij De Leij

Product Description:
CD in jewel case with full color booklet

1: The Blood Of Millions
2: Dark Century
3: Subterraneous
4: The Ruins Of Mankind
5: Cascade
6: Black Dawn
7: Glass Mountain
8: Regolith
9: Collapse Of The Anthropocene

Danny Boonstra – Drums
Sybren Boonstra – Guitar
Rembert Breidenbach – Guitar
Ferdinand Wanders – Vocals
Philippus Yntema – Bass

Review excerpts:
“…If you thought that melo-death/doom couldn’t develop any further I advice you to listen to this album. This isn’t yet another Opeth-sounding weak extract, but just Dimaeon! There isn’t a band I know that sounds like them and that makes them unique!. If you are a death, doom or progressive metal/rock fan (that doesn’t hate grunts..), I advice you to check them out because it might work for you like it worked out for me.”
Powerofmetal.dk (90 out of 100)

“…De muziek kent veel variërende tempo’s en structuren en blijft ondanks het harde karakter melodieus. De grunts van Ferdinand Wanders zijn goed verstaanbaar, zodat de teksten ook tot je kunnen doordringen. In Friesland loopt veel talent rond, dat blijkt wel uit de recente releases van zowel Lyonite als dit Dimaeon.”
Progwereld.org (No Score)

“‘Collapse of the Anthropocene’ is een stuk muziek die je mee terug in de tijd neemt en die zeker bij liefhebbers van bands zoals Opeth en alle eerder genoemde bands in de smaak zal vallen.”
Fok.nl (8 out of 10 Stars)

“Collapse of the Anthropocene is a gripping album to listen to. The movements and developments are interesting and fluidly executed. Technically it is outstanding and sophisticated. The Anthropocene is a big subject and this is a big album. This is a complete experience.”
Avenoctum.com (8,5 out of 10)

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