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Release-date: 29-05-2020
Music & Lyrics by: Andi Kravljaca
Recorded By: Andi Kravljaca
Mixed & mastered by: Rich Hinks
Artwork by: DKAISM

Product Description:
CD album in VHS box packaging with a lot of extra content (Guitarpick, sticker and more!)

1: Ingress
2: Perspex Cassidy
3: He’s A Transponster
4: VFR into IMC
5: Atomic Era Cocktails
6: Astral
7: I Invective
8: Permeant
9: Inclement
10: Refractive
11: Ingress (G. Graham Remix)
12: Invective (Retrologue Remix)

Andi Kravljaca – guitars, keyboards, bass
Rich Hinks – bass on tracks 6-10
Harri Koskela – keyboard solo on track 5
Andreas Söderin – keyboard solo on track 7
Emil Pohjalainen – guitar solo on track 7
Alistair Bell – guitar solo on track 7
Pekka Laitinen – keyboard solo on track 7