Started: 2005
Status: Active
Genre: Symphonic Epic Metal

Jelmer Hertog – All Instruments and Programming

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Cat. No.: CDUFM001
Artist: Unforeseen Motion
Title: Breaking The Glass Armor
Type: CD
Genre: Sympho Prog
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It was in the early days of 2005, in the city of Haarlem that a young man picked up his guitar and started to write music. This man is named Jelmer Hertog and it was the fury of his young mind that drove him to start writing and composing. He felt that his music could express feelings that he couldn’t express with words and each song represented a specific emotional state of mind. The music that originally came was heavily inspired by bands such as Children of Bodom, Equillibrium, Wintersun and Nox Arcana with the difference that he did not plan on any vocals as he wanted the music to be interesting enough by itself. The music took very diverse shapes and soon a set of demos was ready to be worked on, but fate had a different plan for this young man.

It was however not to last long, as Jelmer’s talents and motivation were picked up by others and he became a part of the Folk Metal band Grimhorde in 2007. The band did quite well in The Netherlands and the surrounding countries. It was during his time with Grimhorde that Jelmer also kept writing music for himself, however on a much lower pace, as his focus was somewhere else. Everything seemed to go well … However, in the end, the powerful reign of Grimhorde dimished in the autumn of 2010. Left without a band, Jelmer started thinking about his own project again. He rediscovered his old demos and realized the potential that was hidden within it and now that he was older and had more experience making music, he would be able to get the potential out. It was due to a lucky turn of events that he got in touch with Layered Reality Productions. They heard his first demo’s and offered him a spot in their artist roster if he was willing and able to work getting his music in the perfect shape. As you can imagine, Jelmer did not have to think about this for long and decided to go for it and the project Unforeseen Motion was born!

Unforeseen Motion will start out as a studio project and there are no plans for live shows at the moment.