Started: 2015
Status: Active
Genre: Experimental Metal

Matthew Op ‘t Eijnde – Guitar
Müşfik Can Müftüoğlu – Bass
Harprit Bola – Drums

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IDEK. is an experimental metal band formed in the fiery pits of Flevoland, The Netherlands. The band was founded by well-known names in the scene, Matthew Op’t Eijnde and Yaresh Soekhlal, with a desire to create the music they truly want to play. Bringing in Harprit Bola (Amongst the Unbroken), veteran John Russchen (Gottlieb) and newcomer Kaya Bax, IDEK. created a balance of new, old and different influences.

This resulted in crazy, heavy, fist pumping riffs, combined with jazzy grooves, blues, a touch of cynical humor and just about anything you can imagine. The band wants to crush any preconceived notion about metal and take the listener by storm

With their fresh, yet recogniseable sound, IDEK. managed to turn plenty of heads. Bass-player Yaresh, however, decided to leave the band shortly after to focus all of his energy on his other projects, including the eclectic metal band Mary Fields (Utrecht). This left the rest of the band contemplating their next move.

After long sessions of writing and brainstorming, the band finally decided to reinvent itself, working together more closely and bringing their music & songwriting to the next level. The result? Their latest single “ Approaching Storms”, tying all their influences together in one groovy package of metal. This launched the band to the scene, earning a show at the illustrious Complexity Fest in 2018.

Now, the band recruited a new bass-player, Müşfik Can Müftüoğlu and is continuing to develop their sound, with a new release right around the corner…