Started: 2007
Status: Active
Genre: Progressive Groove Metal

Walter : Rhythm & Lead guitar
Tom : Rhythm guitar
Heinz : Bass
Rick : Vocals
Thijs : Drums

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Earupt hails from Oudenaarde/Zottegem – Belgium, and is a groovy progessive alternative metal piece with influences from all over the scene.

“We have been busier than a cucumber in a women’s prison”. That’s how Earupt summarizes their activities during 2018. They have been cooking a new album up that would in every way surpass their first effort “Belief/Relief” which already received lots of excellent critics from the written media. Their music is hard to define, … each member brings his own influences and insights to the song writing process which results in unique variations of tunes that easily can be identified as one of the best kept secrets in the metal scene. They have big plans for the future : “We are ambitious as hell , world domination is our ultimate goal, at least in a Hello Kitty world “.

The creative process can be best described as a little rascal walking around in a candy store picking goodies from different favourite jars, mixing them together into a unique flavour that refuses to be caged, that cannot be labelled at all. Think about it as some damn fine music to enjoy without putting it in a box. The music consists of low-tuned groovy guitars, meticulously chosen and well-constructed songs, powerful catchy melodic vocals supported by a rhythm section that is tighter than a duck’s arse.

“The title of the new album “Elements” was inspired by the wonderful nature mother earth has to offer”. The title track is a good example of their love for progressive and alternative influences in their songs. This can also be heard on “Broken Wings” where some bluesy influences were added. “Shedding Skin” and “Hooked On Life” are more commercially orientated and radio/tv airplay ready. Next to that, there are also some hard hitters on the album like “Bloodstain” which is an aggressive song played in a Mudvayne style topped with the melodic approach of a Devin Townsend while “Writings on the walls” will be enjoyed by thrash fanatics who love a good groove. The Pantera-esque “Bare Knuckle Fight” is begging to be heard. In a powerful song like “Rebellion”, they express their feelings about music, rebellion for life. Finally, “Heatwave” can be seen as an ultimate tribute to Van Halen. Of course, it was processed through Earupt’s modern groove machine.

“We don’t care about any gimmicks, we don’t care about the hype, hell no, let the music do the talking”. This is how Earupt always made music and will always be making music. Let “Elements” pleasantly surprise you and come on out to support us at a gig.