16-10-2022 – Avandra launches new music video ‘In Memoriam’ and new album preorder!

Avandra comes out all guns blazing with a brand new song and music video called ‘In Memoriam’! The song showcases Avandra’s heavier progressive metal side fusing high tempo riffing and drumbeats with the by now familiar trademark melancholy in the melodies and lyrics. Featuring both concept footage based on the albums’ story and live footage from the intense show the band played at Progpower Europe, this video has become an intense ride.

Christian Ayala, the band’s singer/guitarist had the following to say about the track:

‘This song deals with the concepts of loss, trauma, dealing with guilt and the searching of mnemonic representations of past loved ones whose face one is eager to recall.’

Coinciding with this video, Avandra has started this new albums’ preorder campaign today on both their own site and the label site!

American fans can preorder the new album at: http://www.avandrapr.com
European and Asian fans can preorder their copy at: https://www.layered-reality.com/webstore

Getting your copy of the album in advance helps artists a lot so if you want to get this new album, you know what to do!