28-02-2022 – Apeiron Bound announce album title, releasedate & first music video!

Apeiron Bound bandpic 2022The hype is building gradually, as American Progressive Metal band Apeiron Bound has announced the title & releasedate for their debut album and the first music video that is coming soon!

The album will be entitled ‘Multiplicity’ and will be released on digital and physical formats through Layered Reality Productions on the 26th of August 2022.

And to promote this record, the band announced the first single ‘Emotive Servitude’ to be released on streaming media on the 25th of March together with a music video on the Layered Reality Productions youtube channel!

The band’s main writer Andrew Stout, had the following to say about the coming release:

“Between the song and music video, there’s been a lot of blood, sweat, and tears poured into this project these last 4 years. The song’s theme explores the psychological and emotional manipulation that takes place with those that abuse their authority. Whether utilizing honeyed words promising paradise or a blatant dictatorship, it’s all relevant to the discussion of compliance. A cautionary tale of the results that stem from those paving the road to chaos with good intentions. A cautionary tale to study your history or be condemned to repeat it.

We’re eternally grateful for everyone that played a role in developing this project. Whether you’ve been there since day 1 of the quiet days to recently joining aboard, every bit of support matters.”

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