25-02-2022 – TDW releases new single ‘The Path of Yuki Onna’

TDW promopicture Aug 2021Like releasing two albums in one year is not enough hard work, TDW comes back with the first single of 2022 showcasing a new side to his progressive metal sound with the song ‘The Path of Yuki Onna’. ‘The Path of Yuki Onna’ is the experimental new single from Progressive Metal artist TDW, combining his love for Japanese folklore and sounds with his signature brand progressive metal music.

TDW - The Path of Yuki Onna

Fusing elements of progressive metal, symphonic rock & Japanese folklore in both lyrics & music, this new song sounds familiar yet also fresh. The song features the sounds of the Koto (A 16th century classical 13-stringed instrument) and the Shakuhachi (A 16th century bamboo flute) and telling a story about the mythical snow princess Yuki-Onna who freezes the poor souls that get lost in snowstorms in the Japanese mountains.

Music and visuals written & produced by: Tom de Wit @ The Imagineering Suite
Artwork by: Charlene @ Wardhaus Art
Lyrical guidance by: Selene Broers for Ambaran Art

With special thanks to C Squared Music

Listen to ‘The Path of Yuki Onna’ on streaming services here ↓
Bandcamp: https://bit.ly/TDWYukiOnnaBandcamp
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/351IpDB
Apple Music: https://apple.co/3LZRYU4

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