19-01-2021 – Apeiron Bound signs with Layered Reality Productions

Apeiron Bound bandpic 2022For immediate release: Apeiron Bound signs a deal with Layered Reality Productions

Coming from the United States, Apeiron Bound is a brand new progressive metal band that combines hard hitting extreme metal sounds with many different influences from classical, avant-garde and progressive rock. Featuring members from bands like The Mourning, Disareyen, Alpha Decay & Archangel, who all bring their own flavor to this mix.

Andrew Stout, the band’s main composer had the following to say about joining LRP:

‘We are honored to be given the opportunity to work with a record label that not only house amazing musicians but one that’s ran by like minded musicians that understand the everlasting struggles of paving our own way in the music world. Especially when you want to unleash your creativity on your own terms.’

Creating a sound that sounds like the middle ground between Devin Townsend, Blind Guardian, Opeth, Nevermore & Queen, Apeiron Bound has sound hallmarks you might recognize, but creates a total package that sounds fresh and new.

More news about Apeiron Bound’s debut album and everything around that will be revealed in the coming months!

Check out the band on these links: