30-08-2021 – TDW launches first single, video and preorder for new album!

TDW promopicture Aug 2021Like releasing one double album in a year is not enough, Symphonic, progmetal act TDW returns with a brand new song called ‘Gratitude Song’ that is a part of a new album. This song is the first single which is now available with a music video on youtube. And with this song, TDW might have something of a ‘first-time’ as it’s not often that over 60+ people are credited in a song and it makes sense musically.

When asked about this single, TDW’s main man Tom said the following:

‘Gratitude Song especially represent my feelings regarding the current state of the music industry rather well. It’s a song that thanks everyone who has been immensely supportive in making my last album the thing it has become, but also serves as an observation on how certain artists (not naming names but we all know them) are just completely disregarding their fans… I think it’s very special when someone wants to support my music in a way like this and this song is my way to at least acknowledge everyone who did in 2020.’

This song is a part of the brand new album called ‘Fountains’ that is slated for release on the 26th of November 2021. This album was produced by Tom, mastered by Rich Gray and the artwork was provided by Janneke Stam. The full musician line-up for this record will be revealed over the course of the coming weeks/months leading up to the release of the album.

The ‘Fountains’ album features the following tracklist:

1: Fountains
2: Inner Enemy
3: Hope Song I
4: Gratitude Song
5: Hunter’s Eyes
6: Anthracite
7: Another Choice Another Universe
8: Graveyard Boogie
9: Traveller
10: Hope Song II

(Some tracks differ per medium as the vinyl version omits the Gratitude Song which is on the CD and digital versions.)

This album is once again accompanied by a preorder campaign which has gone live today at both the TDW website and the LRP webstore. Plans are to release this album as a package with vinyl, CD and downloadcodes included alongside lyric sheets and more depending on the amount being pledged.

Preorders are happening here at the TDW webstore: