01-06-2021 – LRP welcomes new team member: Dennis Eikenkötter!

Dennis Eikenkötter joins the LRP team!Ladies, gentlemen and everyone else, we can now proudly unveil that we have a new team member with us in the person of: Dennis Eikenkötter!

Dennis hails from germany and is active as a youtuber & writer under his own Schwermetallisch brand. He is also known as a metal enthusiast who loves supporting new music and helping acts building their brand. And considering we were searching for people to strengthen our label, this was a perfect fit!

Dennis will help us with all the work surrounding the promotion and online presence of the label and our artists, next to providing us with an extra brain to pick in our weekly online meetings. And judging on his sense of humor and general sense of madness, he fits in perfectly with our team! 😛

We are still in the market for more people to join our team as we have a lot of work lying around, so feel free to message us if you can and want to contribute to the LRP team. 🙂

You can apply for a position at: pickme@layered-reality.com or by contacting us here!