02-02-2021 – Progmetal Pantheon Hour will start in February 2021

Progmetal Pantheon Hour AnnouncementFor immediate release: The Progmetal Pantheon Hour will start in February 2021!

We are beyond excited to start this new adventure in online radio, which is aimed at promoting upcoming progressive metal acts who you have not heard yet. We feel that there is so much music out there that deserves to be heard that doesnt get the chance heard in today’s landscape dominated by big names competing for attention.

So here we want to give back to the community, by creating a place that fosters new talent!

This show will be made monthly and will be uploaded to our youtube channel for everyone to hear! Uploads will be planned around the 20th of each month.

For more info about the show, please check the vlog from host Tom TDW de Wit in which he explains the basic idea. (The part starts at 10:33)
Vlog link: https://bit.ly/TDWvlogEP12

We are looking forward to your submisssions!