15-01-2021 – Avandra announces Skylighting Vinyl and starts preorder

Avandra - Vinyl commercialFans of Avandra and progmetal in general may want to pay attention, as the band has announced a limited edition vinyl run for their 2020 album Skylighting! The vinyl will be available in Black (250 pieces), Sea Blue (125 pieces) & Transparent Deep Purple (125 pieces). These will only be available for this specific run so you know what to do!

The tracklist for the album on vinyl will be as follows:

Side A
1: Celestial Wreaths
2: Noetic Probes
3: Life Is Not A Circle, But A Sphere
4: Procgen

Side B
1: Eternal Return
2: Afferent Realms
3: New Origins

The album will be accompanied by a lyrics leaflet with extra artwork, photo’s and more.

Europe / Asian preorders are done here:

Puerto Rican, American & Canadian preorders are done here: