17-03-2020 – COVID-19 update

Covid-19 updareDear everyone,

As we all have noticed, times are turbulent due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus right now and for us here at Layered Reality Productions, there is no exception to that.

Our base of operations is in The Netherlands and most of the country is in semi-lockdown now with the basic idea that we have to work from home and remain socially isolated to keep the virus from spreading. We completely agree with these decisions and will therefore adjust our operations accordingly. We have multiple people in other countries active as well and we are all in touch through skype and other means to stay on top of developments.

However, we do know that our artists and bands here at the label are all working hard to get new releases going and to keep up the creative spirit. We will honor all the rules, but we are not planning on letting this virus stop our creativity! So there might not be new gigs announced for a while, but we definitely will keep the stream of new releases and ideas going!

You can rest assured that we will do our best for that!

And finally, if you want to support the artists, bands and the label itself, now is the time to buy some merch from our stores, because that benefits everyone involved.
Get a t-shirt or maybe get some of those bands’ releases you didn’t have yet. Every little contribution really helps!

You can get all that good stuff through these links:

INTERNATIONAL WEBSTORE (paypal/creditcards)


We hope everyone will get through this in the best shape possible.

Stay safe, stay strong and prog on!
The Layered Reality Productions Team