03-12-2019 – Bioplan signs with Layered Reality Productions

Andi Kravljaca - BioplanWe have some great news that we can finally share with you: the Swedish instrumental progmetal project Bioplan signs with Layered Reality Productions!

Bioplan is an instrumental progressive metal project helmed by multi-instrumentalist and singer Andi Kravljaca. (known from Aeon Zen, Nibiru Ordeal and Seventh Wonder among others!) Andi started Bioplan to create an avenue for his instrumental work and combines his love for technical metal guitarwork with epic melodies and a big dose of 80’s synthwave soundscapes.

The debut EP `Ocular` was released to streaming services in April of 2019 and was recieved with praise from the international press and made many a fan within the metal-guitar community as

well as among those who like their music progressive, melodic and spacey.

You can listen to Ocular here:

Spotify: http://bit.ly/bioplanocularsp
Apple Music: http://bit.ly/bioplanocularam
Amazon: http://bit.ly/bioplanocularama

A new release for Bioplan is in the works which will take the project to the next level and all parties involved are very excited about this indeed!

You can find and follow Bioplan online here:


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