25-11-2019 – Earupt launches video for Broken Wings!

Earupt - New LRP bandAfter releasing their a video for their first single ‘Shedding Skin’ a few months ago, the groovy progressive metal band Earupt is now back with a brand new video of their 2nd album Elements!

The video is called ‘Broken Wings’ and was shot at a live performance at the JC Comma in Brugge. This song has a more atmospheric approach and shows the more experimental side of Earupt!

The song is available on the album elements which is available here:

Physical album: http://bit.ly/earuptelementsphysical
Spotify: http://bit.ly/earuptelementsspotify
Deezer: http://bit.ly/earuptelementsdeezer
Apple: http://bit.ly/earuptelementsapple

If you want to see the video for ‘Shedding Skin’, you can watch that here: http://bit.ly/earuptsheddingskin

You can find Earupt online at: