10-12-2018 – IDEK announces great line-up changes

Surprising news came from the men in IDEK. today, as the band announces the departure of two bandmembers and their future plans as a band. Here is the statement as posted by the band on their pages:

“…It is with a heavy heart that we have to announce that both Kaya and John have decided to leave the band… Both have decided to focus their efforts on other aspects of life. A decision we both respect and admire! … We had some incredible moments together and thoroughly enjoyed traveling the country & making music with them. We WILL release one more track featuring Kaya and John soon to finish this chapter of the band.

As for the future of IDEK.: we will continue making music as a three-piece (for the time being) and continue writing new material. We’re very excited about the new directions we’re exploring and can’t wait to return with a vengeance in 2019.”

The new IDEK. song and future releases by the band will of course be released through Layered Reality Productions. More information will be given when it is available!

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