18-12-2017 – TDW launches short film for Dirge!

And as the year nears its’ end, TDW & Dreamwalkers Inc surprise as with a brand new music video for the song Dirge, which was featured on their latest album “The Antithetic Affiliation”.

The band’s press release posted on their website and facebook page reads as follows:

“Here it is: The music video for our song “Dirge” is out now for everyone to see!


We do want to warn those of you who might be uncomfortable around graphic imagery and the subject of depression and self-harm for the contents of this video.

This is a short movie that details the life of a depressed invididual and how his mental state is influencing his decision-making and attitude to life. With the dark days of December, starkly contrasted by all the jolly spirits of the season, we figured that we wanted to contribute something emotional and engaging.

A full analysis of the meaning of this video can be found in the note posted today or on the website here:


We want to thanks the following wonderful invididuals: Thami Joe Fischer​ for his acting skills, Kelly Thans​ for her camera work and co-directing awesomeness & Shoni Joseph​ for her makeup wizardry. You made this video work as well as it did now!

Sharing is much appreciated of course. Thank you.”