20-02-2017 – TDW announces new album guests and more

The image shared by Dreamwalkers Inc and Audionative this morningGreat news came in today courtesy of TDW and Dreamwalkers Inc regarding the upcoming album and their tour plans!

Check out the short vlog below for the story, or check the text below that if videos are not your thing.

First up, they have announced a new collaboration with a young booking agency called Audionative, which will be taking the full booking segment for TDW and Dreamwalkers Inc’s liveshows for 2017/2018. However, new guest musicians for the new TDW album also got announced today, and Tom shared the following on the official TDW website regarding that:

“…First up, my friend and musical multitalent Thomas Cochrane (known for his work in Hologram Earth, Dystopia, Transient State, Vetrar Draugurinn & Ancient Rites) will provide his trumpet and trombone skills to the new TDW record. He provided a wonderfully eclectic yet epic sound to one of the TDW tracks and I can say that you should expect the unexpected!

And the second guest I want to announce, is someone that I admire quite a bit for his skills and songwriting. Mr Tommy Talamanca, who is known for his guitar/synth work in Sadist and for his own Nadir Music projects, has provided two amazing solo’s to one of the album epics that immediately lift it up to a whole new level! Trust me when I say that I lost my scheizze when I heard his contributions. IT WAS AWESOME!”

The TDW album “The Antithetic Affiliation” is slated for release in May/Early June of 2017. More information about this album will be shared when it is available.

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