10-10-2016 – Hillsphere announces line-up changes and new gig


Since the release of the song Clairvoyance and a slew of gigs earlier this year, it had been somewhat silent for Hillsphere recently. But now, Elias Mayer (Hillsphere’s main man) released a statement today regarding the future of the band and the things that have happened recently.

Elias’ full statement can be found on the Hillsphere Facebook page at this link: https://www.facebook.com/HillsphereBand

The short version however, is that Elias and vocalist Tim Beimer shall continue with Hillsphere to support the release of the upcoming album Florescence and onwards beyond that. They attracted a host of new bandmembers to join them in this musical adventure.

An excerpt of Elias’ statement says the following about these new bandmembers:

“ … We found Robin Waij (Guitar), Kevin van der Reijnst (Bass) and Wouter Macare (Drums). These musicians have been close to me and Hillsphere for at least a year now, so it automatically became clear that if we wanted to continue, it should be with these people … “

However, Elias is also keen to point out that the ex-bandmembers are not forgotten, as another part of the statement reads:

“ … Eren, Jorn and Tom are still helping to finish the album because we all share this following thought ‘Once you start something, you ought to finish it’. There is no way how I can express my appreciation to Eren, Tom and Jorn enough … They will always remain some of my closest friends in life and for that I am enormously grateful. ‘Florescence’ is the best title we could ever think of to capture the growth we have experienced with eachother. “

So, for Hillsphere it is now on to pastures new and with a brand new focus and dedication.

The band’s debut-album shall be entitled Florescence and is slated for release in early 2017!

To celebrate the new line-up and musical spirit, Hillsphere will be playing their first gig with the new line-up at 26th of November together with Xeno and Mistral at Estrado in Harderwijk!