18-04-2016 – TDW releases brand-new song named “Anthem”.

DWI_bandmember_collageThis workweek starts off with something as a surprise, as Progressive Symphonic Metal act TDW has released a brand new song entitled “Anthem” with a video in which the band Dreamwalker’s Inc is performing said song for the world to see. After announcing the live band Dreamwalker´s Inc last week, this new song can be considered a first taste of the new music that is coming up.

This is what Tom (TDW’s main figure) posted this morning regarding the new track:

“…Anthem is a song I wrote for the next TDW album which I felt needed to be shared with the world in advance. Anthem is a song that deals with the struggles of life and the sense of “not belonging to anything at all” at times. However, this song is meant as a way of saying “You are not alone! There’s more “weirdo’s” like you!” and has a positive message for those who want to hear it! Because we all walk together in the end!

This video started as a little idea and kinda blew up in my face as it became bigger and bigger, but I am very proud and happy to both share this new song and also to show you my wonderful bandmembers in Dreamwalkers Inc! So thanks a million to Lennert Kemper, Vincent Reuling, Peter den Bakker, Rik Bruineman and Hanna van Gorcum for being the amazing human beings they are! 😀

And also I feel blessed and happy to work with the likes of Radina Dimcheva, Jelle Terpstra, David Gutierrez Rojas, Cailyn Erlandsson & Judith van den Wijngaart who lended me their voices to bring this thing to the next level! …”

The song Anthem will be a part of the next TDW album which is slated for an early 2017 release. This year will bring more seperate TDW song releases running up to the album, so be sure to follow TDW to stay on top of new material!