13-04-2016 – TDW announces live band called “Dreamwalkers Inc” and their first gig!

Big news has arrived from the TDW camp today, as TDW main man Tom has unveiled two big chunks of news surrounding a brand new TDW live band! The band will be entitled “Dreamwalkers Inc” and it will have its live debut in September of this year!

Here’s what Tom had to say about this matter:

“Today I can officially announce that my own music under the TDW name will be taken to stages live around the world! This is something I have been working on for a while now, but now finally, I can reveal that I have found my very own live band which will help me in making my live show dreams become a reality!

So with happiness, pride and joy I can now announce to you all:


The following people form the core of Dreamwalkers Inc right now:

Tom de Wit – Vocals & Add. Synths
Lennert Kemper – Guitars & Backing Vocals
Peter den Bakker – Bass Guitars
Vincent Reuling – Synths & Bakcing Vocals
Rik Bruineman – Drums & Percussion
Hanna van Gorcum – Violins & Backing Vocals

Dreamwalkers Inc is a project based band that is formed around the music that is released under the TDW name, so basically this band can take on many different shapes and forms, depending on what the situation asks for… Chances are that we can play a big rock show with even more members on stage, or that we can make this band very small and intimate for acoustic gigs when needed. Everything is possible and that freedom is extremely exciting for me!

And finally, if this news isn’t awesome enough already… Our first performance with Dreamwalkers inc, will take place at Castle de Berckt in Baarlo on thursday 29-09-2016. This gig will be very special as this will be a part of the Progpower EU festivities and this show will become an ambient and acoustic show showcasing TDW material and some special surprises!”

For a more detailed explanation of the band and the plans for the future, you can watch the latest episode of the TDW Vlog in which Tom tells about the band and the plans below: