13-11-2015 – ReSolve’s album is recieved with positive responses!!

resolvelivepicReSolve has reason to be proud and happy, as their debut-album Wayward Sanctuary is being taken in with a very positive outlook by reviewers and listeners worlwide!

The album was released on the 10th of October 2015 with a releaseparty the band played in their native town of The Hague, where they performed the album integrally, with support of labelmates Hillsphere. (Picture taken at gig by Charlot Dijkhuizen)

For those who are interested, here are some quotes from reviewers regarding the record, which have come in so far:

“This album is special and not only because of the vocals. The music is fresh and a joy to listen too!”
(Lords of Metal – William Pezy – 84/100)

“…ReSolve made an album that is bursting at the seems with technicality… This band can become something big!”
(White Room Reviews – Ralf W.)

“…Nice dramatically constructed songs that are sure to please any fan of melodic prog metal.”
(Progmetalzone – Jeff Stevens)

More reviews will follow in the coming months!

And for those who haven’t seen the video for Pitch Black Eyes yet, you can find the video here:

You can get your copy of the album by following the link below: