12-02-2015 – LRP website will get a redesign!

The old website will be replaced in march of 2015!As the title suggests already, the Layered Reality Productions website will be getting an overhaul for the near future. The “old” is one we still cherish, but it’s time to make some changes here and there to get along with the current day standards.

What does this mean for now? Right now, not so much. But the new LRP website is in development and plans are to launch the new site in March of 2015. Coinciding with this launch there will also be something new and special coming along, but we won’t spoil too much about that yet.

The website will be offline for a period of time in the beginning of March, when we start uploading the new version. Please take note of this!

Once the website construction is finished, a specific launch-date will be given.