11-10-2014 – Insolitvs gives a sign of life!

Insolitvs - Band promo picture 2012The Croatian tech-death metallers of Insolitvs have been on the silent side for the last couple of months (besides from their charity call on behalf of the Red Cross earlier this year) but the band has now given a sign of life.

The band’s drummer and spokesperson Petar Babic has sent us this little message on the band’s status:

“Hello everyone!

It might seem like we have been doing not much, but I can assure you, we have been busy working our butts off! We are working on our debut-album and have about half of it finished now, so that is all good! We just played a few gigs in Slovakia and will be playing gigs in Croatia in November.

Here is the list of gigs for November:

7 November 2014 – Karlovac, Croatia
8 November 2014 – Novi Marof, Croatia
15 November 2014 – Varazdin, Croatia

So as you can see, we are not dead! We hope to be able to give you more info about the album in the coming time!”

Insolitvs has recorded one EP so far, which is available through Layered Reality Productions here:


And Insolitvs performed a full set on Breaking The Layers 2012 which has been recorded to a DVD, which you can get here: