02-06-2014 – A message from Insolitvs about the state of things in the East of Europe.

Insolitvs Our website is normally not used for political, humanitarian or world-crisis purposes, but in this case we want to make an exception. Petar Babic (Insolitvs‘ drummer) sent us a message recently detailing the situation in Croatia (The bands’ homeland) and Bosnia right now. The countries are in a state of crisis due to floods and they can really use our help. Here’s what Petar wrote to us:

“…To Whom it may concern,

Well, here’s what: Croatia (and Bosnia, and Serbia) are in distress. We have been hit by floods unparalelled in recent history, which have caused mass evacuations, and a certain death toll. To be specific, there’s presumably a million people removed from their homes only in Bosnia!

What can we do? Well, here in Croatia we’ve been busting our asses trying to raise humanitary aid in various forms, like volunteering at filling trucks with required supplies such as food and clothing every day. I am sending you this message to help raise awareness about the severity of this issue because we are dealing with a big crisis here.

We don’t expect you to donate all your life savings as we know that everyone has their own struggles to deal with, but even the smallest donation can help us enormously!

Here’s how you can help us:

– Donating money in money-boxes of the Croatian Red Cross. (If available)
On-line donation by Credit Card (see instructions in PDF)
– By calling the donation hotline at: +385-060 90 11 (6,25 kuna p.c. inc. VAT)
– By making a transfer in favour of the Croatian Red Cross bank account
IBAN: HR6923400091511555516 with ref. nr. 3
– (For Dutch Citizens) by tranferring money to giro 6251

If you guys and girls can give us your support, it would mean a damn lot to all of us! …”

We at Layered Reality are now looking for a donation option besides the personal donations we have done. More information on this will follow in the coming weeks! In the meantime, please help this cause if you can!

For more information and news updates on this matter, please visit the Croatian Red-cross website at: http://www.hck.hr/en