20-05-2014 – TDW releases new album and music video!

ItTDW - Music To Stand Around And Feel Awkward To - Now available through Layered Reality Productions! has been a long process, but finally today, the new TDW album “Music To Stand Around And Feel Awkward To” has seen the light its release through Layered Reality Productions!

To celebrate this album’s release in both physical and digital version, the first music video for the album has been placed online today! This is what was posted on the TDW website this morning:

“…Today is the day that “Music To Stand Around And Feel Awkward To” sees the light of day and will be unleashed into the world for all of you to enjoy!

From today onward you can get the album for FREE online by getting it from this link: https://www.layered-reality.com/webstore/tdw-music-to-stand-around-and-feel-awkward-to-online-version/

You can decide if you want to pay for the album or not. You can also get it for €0,00 but every contribution to my musical cause if always appreciated! You place your order and fill out the required forms. THE PROVIDED INFO WILL NOT BE USED FOR SPAM OR RESELLING PURPOSES!!!! I want to make clear that this registration proces is needed so that I can give you direct access to the album as it is behind a secured link for website protection purposes.

After registering you will get an e-mail in which you will find a download link and your username and password and that’s all you need to do!

You can also get the physical version of the album by following this link: https://www.layered-reality.com/webstore/tdw-music-to-stand-around-and-feel-awkward-to-physical-cd-version/

This physical version is basically the “ultimate” version of the record as it features all the tracks, expansive artwork and a booklet with lyrics, liner notes, detailed imagery and some stuff of a questionable nature.

And last, but certainly not least, the first video for the album has been released today, which is the video for the song CHAMELEON! This video which was shot and directed by Bianca and Marinda from B&M Crew gives an extra dimension and inside to the backstory of the song and I hope you guys and girls will like it as much as we do!…”

You can find the music video for Chameleon below and on our official youtube channel!