01-05-2014 – TDW starts pre-ordering campaign for new album!

TDW - Music To Stand Around And Feel Awkward To - Coming on 20-05-2014With only 19 days left before it’s release a pre-ordering campaign for the new TDW album “Music To Stand Around And Feel Awkward To” has been set up!

Here’s what was posted on the official TDW site regarding this step this morning:

“…Most of you have been asking me where they could pre-order a copy of the record… I originally did not even plan on doing this, but considering you guys asked so nicely, I could not let this opportunity pass by! If you order in the next 19 days, you will get the album at your doorstep on the day of release!

You can pre-order your copy of the album at this link:

And as I said before, this is a pre-order campaign for the limited edition version of this album. So if you order now, you are sure to get your hands on one of the 300 copies which contain all the extra stuff that no other version will contain!…”

The TDW album will be available through Layered Reality Productions and other distribution channels worldwide on the 20th of May 2014.

For more details regarding the album, please visit the TDW website at: www.tdwmusic.com