29-04-2014 – Adeia to perform on FemMe metal festival in September

eflyer_FemMe_webVery surprising and exciting news as the avant-garde progressive metallers of Adeia have been selected to perform at the new FemMe metal festival on the 28th of September 2014.

The festival’s focus lies with bands that have a feminine influence. But not just the standard “Female Fronted Metal” style. Therefore Adeia, which is fronted by Laura ten Voorde was a perfect choice as the band provides a fresh perspective on the feminine influence in metal bands.

Next to Adeia, bands such as Asrai, Skeptical Minds, MaYaN and Izegrim will also be taking to the stage to create a heavy night filled with diverse music that will transcend the standard “Female Fronted Metal” tag. A night with something for everyone so to speak!

Tickets for the event will be on sale from the 3rd of May onwards and more information about the event is available here: http://www.effenaar.nl/agenda/7888