10-02-2014 – Relative Awareness announces new vocalist

Ferdinand zang 2After signing Relative Awareness recently, (Official news update was last month) the project’s frontman Jelle Hamstra has announced a new name that will be added to the project’s line-up. Here is the press statement that he posted today:

“…Ladies and gentleman, I would like to introduce to the person who is going to be responsible for all the growls, screams and other guttural surprises. There was only one person I could think of who could help me in my musical journey and do vocals on the coming record. Ladies and gentleman
please welcome Ferdinand Wanders.

Together with his vocal abilities and musical experience I’m sure he’s the right choice for Relative Awareness. Ferdinand is also known as the voice for apocalyptic prog/death metal outfit Dimaeon who released their debut-album Collapse Of The Anthropocene last year through Layered Reality Productions as well.

Ferdinand has started working on his vocal contributions to this record and plans are to hit the studio in April of 2014 to get the parts recorded properly. More information will be given once it is available! Stay Tuned…”