17-01-2014 – Adeia launches new T-shirt design!

Adeia - Promotional Picture 2012After the succes of their performance at Celebrate 2014 last weekend, Adeia has now officialy launched their first T-shirt design for the world to enjoy. The new T-shirt was premiered at Celebrate 2014 for a special price, but is now also available to everyone else who is interested!

Both the new T-shirt and the album are available in a combo offer for €30,- and will be shipped and sold worldwide! You can get this special offer here: https://www.layered-reality.com/webstore/adeia-hourglass-t-shirt-album-combo-pack/

You can also get the T-shirt alone for €25,- here: https://www.layered-reality.com/webstore/adeia-hourglass-t-shirt-album-combo-pack/

Adeia is now working on their second-album and is planning to play more shows in 2014, so be sure to look out for new livedates in the near future!