30-12-2013 – A year’s end message for all of you!

Wow, it’s already the end of 2013? It felt like it started only yesterday!

As the year’s end draws closer, it felt right to look back upon all that has happened and to count all the blessings that we have received as a label in the last twelve months!

Many things have happened for us in the last year. New bands joined us and strengthened our profile in creating a place where Prog-, Symfo- and Avant-Garde metal bands and artists can feel right at home. Adeia, Sense Vs Sanity and ReSolve have all made a great impression with their own blend of musical influences and they all helped out to make LRP a bigger name then it has been.


But we shouldn’t forget the ones that have been with LRP for a longer time now, because this was also a great year for Dimaeon and Mind:Soul who both released their debut-albums and have been able to showcase their strengths through those records! Reviews are still pouring in and plans are for both bands to take to the stages (inter)nationally in 2014. So that is shaping up to become interesting as well!


And of course, the new working relationship between LRP and FREIA music has proven to be a great addition to our way of working and ambitions! The first fruits of our collaboration have been the worldwide album releases, but also prog-rock & metal events will be taking place in the coming years! Hereby we want to thank the people at FREIA music for their dedication and belief in our musical mission. It means a lot to us and we hope to keep this up for the years to come!

And last, but certainly not least, we want to thank all our old and new partners who have been supporting LRP by reviewing our material, helping us with gigs and basically helping us to make our work a lot more pleasure-able and above all fun! The list is getting bigger and bigger so thanking everyone would be hell of a task, but we want to thank each and everyone of you guys and girls!

We want to thank you all for a great year and we hope that you will all support and follow us in 2014 and beyond!