11-12-2013 – Mind:Soul releases a new video and their album today!

Front_RGB_WebversionAfter launching an album-teaser a few weeks ago and announcing that the album was coming, the guys in Mind:Soul have finally come through and will launch their album into the world today!

But that’s not all! The band also released a music video for the song “Caught (In The Pressure Cooker)” to celebrate the album’s release. The following statement was posted on the band’s website earlier today:

“… The release of the album and the new video mark a very special occassion in the band’s history. It feels like we have finished a chapter, with the “old” bandmembers present on the album and with the video as a tribute and welcome memory to their contributions! We shared both good and bad times together, but our memories are warm and we know that everyone who has been a part of Mind:Soul has helped us to reach this point!

So from the bottom of our hearts, we thank Jim, Raul, Roland & Rik for being the awesome guys that they are and for giving their 100% to the band when it was needed! We hope you guys like this vid as much as we do!

So, now that the album is out and ready, we can start looking at the future and our plans are to play as much gigs as we can in 2014 to show what we are capable off and to bring the album to everyone who wants to hear it! …”

Finally, to make this day even more special, the album has also gotten it’s first ever review from the people at Lady Obscure. And it is a very positive one as well! You can read the review at the link below:


Mind:Soul’s album “The Way It Should Be” will be available this afternoon (After 14:15:16 – UTC+1 time) and will be available as a digipack release. You can get your copy at the Layered Reality Webstore this afternoon at: http://www.layered-reality.com/webstore