10-10-2013 – Dimaeon announces releasedate for Collapse Of The Anthropocene

With an amazing performance at this year’s Progpower Europe Festival behind them, Dimaeon has now announced the release date for their debut-album Collapse Of The Anthropocene!

The album will be released in a jewel case version on the 9th of November 2013 and it will be available for the first time on the Progpocalypse Now! festival which takes place on the same day.

Promo video’s for the record will be released online in the coming weeks leading up to the album’s release!

Collapse Of The Anthropocene is a concept-album that deals with the downfall of humanity and the civilized world. The album will have the following tracklist:

1. The Blood of Millions
2. Dark Century
3. Subterraneous
4. The Ruins of Mankind
5. Cascade
6. Black Dawn
7. Glass Mountain
8. Regolith
9. Collapse of the Anthropocene

The album’s artwork was made by Danny Boonstra who is both the band’s drummer as well as the main designer for July Interactive.

Be sure to get your copy of Collapse Of The Anthropocene when it hits the streets on 09-11-2013!

For more information about Progpocalypse Now! please check the facebook event by clicking here!