30-09-2013 – Progpocalypse Now! – A new prog-event co-hosted by LRP!

On the 9th of November 2013, City Theater Schaaf in the city of Leeuwarden will be shaking and rumbling as the first edition of Progpocalypse Now! will take place!

Progpocalypse Now! is a night filled with Progressive Metal which will have its first edition this year. The night is a collaborative effort between City Theater Schaaf, non-profit metal agency Metalization and record-label Layered Reality Productions. Four bands shall be taking the stage this night to all bring their own unique brand of technical, intense and diverse metal.

The first band to take the stage will be the young proggers of ReSolve, who bring their own brand of Progrock with Metallic influences, fronted by a raw and melodic female voice. The second band, Mind:Soul, is known for creating a diverse and challenging sound that encompasses metallic explosions and ambient emotional pieces and everything in between. After that, Sense Vs Sanity will press the gas pedal even more, bringing a big Melodic Death metal experience in which experimentation is never far way.

Finally, the main act of this night will be Dimaeon, which will present their long awaited debut-album “Collapse Of The Anthropocene” to the world. This band has created a combination of Doom, Death and Prog Metal which sounds recognizable, yet completely unique and distinctive at the same time.

This promises to become a night filled with music which is heavy, challenging and above all: diverse. So lovers of Progressive metal can prepare themselves for a great night of music. Or as the Frisian speaking populace would say: IT GIET OAN OP NINE ELEVEN THIRTEEN!

You can find the Facebook event for this event by following this link