07-09-2013 – Adeia is searching for a new singer!

The Avant-Garde Prog metallers from Adeia issued a statement today saying that they are searching for a new lead vocalist to strengthen their band.

Adeia is searching for a vocalist that is both able to perform Melodic and Sensitive Vocals as well as Death Grunts and Screams. The band expects applicants to perform the songs featured on the Hourglass album, but also someone who is able to provide his own musical and lyrical input to the band’s music.

Live singing experience and a flexible musical attitude are preferred. The band rehearses in the city of Rotterdam in The Netherlands.

The band’s old vocalist Frank Timmerman will remain a part of Adeia’s inner circle, but unfortunately has to take a step back from the band due to personal reasons. He will fill in with the band for the live gigs that are being planned for 2014. However if a suitable replacement is found who can step up to the task, he will carry over his vocal duty’s to the new applicant.

Applications can be sent to: info@adeiaphobia.com