06-09-2013 – Mind:Soul has found a drummer!

Mind:Soul with the new drummer: Inca César!
Mind:Soul with the new drummer: Inca César!
The impossible has happened! The progmetal maniacs from Mind:Soul have found themselves a new drummer to complete the band once again! A press statement on the band’s website (accompanied by slightly disturbing photo on the right) told us the following:

“…Yes, you read it correctly: we have found ourselves a man who is willing & able (and crazy!) enough to be our new skin basher! We would like to introduce Inca César to all of you!

Besides his awesome name (Yes, it’s real!) he has caught our eye while drumming for one of his former bands in which he showed the skills and vibe needed to keep the Mind:Soul music standing upright in the live setting. We will be entering the rehearsal space soon so we can start getting back to our old shape and get back to the stages again!

In the meantime, we just wanted to share a completely non-professional photo in which you can clearly see that he fits the description needed to fit in with our madness. 😉 It feels great to finally be a complete whole again! (Even if it is a complete and udder silly mess!)…”

But besides the good news about the new drummer, some sad news was also brought in as the Mind:Soul gig at Metal Meeting XL which also featured Sense Vs Sanity has been cancelled due to financial reasons beyond the bands’ control. The gig’s organizers have assured us however that there are plans to re-do this event in 2014 and that both Mind:Soul and SvS will be taken into consideration then!

Mind:Soul will be taking the stages again in 2014 with new drummer Inca César. More details about future gigs and Mind:Soul’s debut-album will be shared when they are available.